Chicago Arts & Crafts



Two amazing arts and crafts architectural relics which appear to be glazed terra cotta (very heavy) from the demolished southside Chicago Booker Building, (possibly named after Booker T Washington who passed in 1915) 4700 South Cottage Drive, a fixture in the African American community once occupied by Pappy’s Liquors, designed by architect Horatio Wilson (1857 – 1917) measuring approximately 5 x 3 3/4 x 3 inches. Although unconfirmed, there is a strong likelihood it is named after Booker T. Washington. The Booker Building was completed in 1914 and was designedby Horatio Wilson (1857-1917). Wilson was one of Chicago’s most popular and prolificturn-of-the-century architects. He designed not only high-quality commercial buildings but also houses,factories and theaters. The Booker Building displays fine “arts and crafts” brick work, excellent terracotta detailing and a low-hipped “prairie school” style roof. It was a cornerstone of thethriving 47th Street/Cottage Grove commercial district until the mid-’60’s and is one of the street’s lastsurviving vintage buildings. source: wwwpreservationchicagodotcom